What Home Maintenance Should You Expect with a Custom Home Build?

Learn what home maintenance tasks you should expect when purchasing a custom home from AB Homes. Find out how to keep your home in good condition and avoid major repairs.

What Home Maintenance Should You Expect with a Custom Home Build?

When you purchase a custom home from AB Homes, you can anticipate having a few maintenance tasks to keep up with. Most of these are straightforward and can be done by yourself, such as changing the air filters and testing the circuit breaker. To help you stay on top of your home maintenance, AB Homes has put together a guide to assist you. Air filters should be changed every month.

Make sure to keep the outdoor unit free of debris and refer to the manufacturer's instructions for any scheduled maintenance. Additionally, check the GFCI receptacles once a month by pressing the test button and then the reset button. This is essential as defective appliances or having too many appliances turned on at once can activate GFCI receptacles and need to be reset. Quarterly maintenance tasks are also important for custom home builds.

Doing these tasks will guarantee the longevity of your home's internal systems and maximize your family's safety. Todd Polifka of Custom One Homes also suggests making sure your garden is tilted in the opposite direction from your house. Buying a newly built home can reduce the hassle and expense of home repairs, but all homes need maintenance to keep them in good condition, help them maintain or improve their market value over time, and avoid major repairs. Since everything in a newly built home is new, there is usually less maintenance work to be done compared to buying an existing home with older and potentially outdated appliances and HVAC systems.

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