What Permits Do You Need to Build a Custom Dream Home?

Building a custom home is an exciting process but requires obtaining permits from local government and HOA approvals. Learn more about what permits are needed for constructing your dream home.

What Permits Do You Need to Build a Custom Dream Home?

Constructing a custom home is an exciting journey, but it also requires a lot of paperwork. To build a house in Virginia, you'll need to obtain a building permit from the local government, which may be the city or county. In some cases, projects don't require a permit but may still be subject to minor repairs and improvements. The rules for these types of projects vary from community to community, so it's important to check with your local government before beginning any construction.

A custom home is one where you have your own plot of land and you hire a builder to construct the house exactly as you want it. However, very few people are qualified to act as their own general contractor (GC). Building a house requires you to coordinate many different threads and make sure they are all in order. Projects and subcontractors must be scheduled correctly and interspersed with numerous municipal inspections.

You'll also need to know the building code. It's also beneficial to have a network of subcontractors you can trust to do reliable work. Russell Wing, one of the best-selling agents in Union County, North Carolina, shares information about the benefits of personalized housing. When constructing a new home, you'll need several additional permissions for different systems.

Whether you're renovating or building a new one, your builder will need to obtain the correct HOA approvals and municipal building permits. Of course, a building permit is needed if you're building or remodeling a home, and you'll need to submit your plans for approval to the local code office. If your home is in a neighborhood with an HOA, you'll likely be required to submit your complete home plans to both the HOA and the agency that manages building codes. You must purchase permits to make your custom home legal, and if your home is in an HOA neighborhood, you can't choose not to join.

A custom home builder draws up plans for the house and specializes in custom homes, while a general contractor does not. It's essential to understand all of the permits and approvals required before beginning construction on your custom dream home.

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