What Permits Do You Need to Construct a House in Texas?

Building a house in Texas requires a permit. Learn what permits are needed to build a house in Texas.

What Permits Do You Need to Construct a House in Texas?

Constructing a house in Texas necessitates a permit, and depending on the work you plan to do, you may need additional permits such as electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Some cities may also require signage permits, concrete permits for sidewalks, and public rights of way and development permits. It is essential to acquire all required permits before beginning construction; failing to do so may result in penalties and fines and may make it difficult to complete your project. Aesthetic projects such as painting, wallpapering, carpet upholstery, cabinets and molding work do not require permits.

However, replacing existing accessories or wiring or plumbing does require a permit. The relationship between the natural elevation of the land (the lowest adjacent slope) and the base elevation of the flood will determine whether development will be allowed as if it were in a special zone at risk of flooding (100-year alluvial plain). If the LAG is equal to or greater than the BFE, you will process your request as if your house weren't in a 100-year floodplain. If the LAG is lower than the BFE, you will process your request as if your house were in a 100-year floodplain. The Harris County Department of Construction can provide more information on what permits are needed for your project.

They can also provide information on downstream easements, fire lane checklists, requests for abandonment of floodplain easements, clarifications of floodplain easements, ordinances adopted by Harris County on licensing junkyards and automotive demolition and rescue yards, LOMR for the West Little York Bridge over Bear Creek Harris County, summary of changes in ROW construction regulations in Harris County or Harris County control of floods ROW Regulation Request for Created Rights Determination of Created Rights Determination of Rights Created by Harris County Watershed Restrictions Calculator Instructions Harris County, TX Small Phase 3 of the Study of Watershed Restrictions Study Map and Property Addresses from the Harris County Department of Health Reference Sheet Harris County Appraisal District Office of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office HHW - Request for a certificate of domestic hazardous waste compliance certificate NEW - Request for general information Harris County Floodplain Elevation Certificate Darrell Hahn, P. E., Manager - Harris County Watershed Protection Danielle Cioce, MS, PMP Harris County Engineering Department 1111Fann11 En, 11th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002. Works exempt from a permit must comply with building codes, municipal codes and all other applicable ordinances. The local Department of Construction or Planning Office will have more information about where you should apply for your building permit.

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